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  • RIP: Dick Williams, Hall of Fame baseball manager, dead at 82. Also: Legendary tight end John Mackey, at 69.

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  • A beardless Justin Theroux watches on as Jennifer Aniston leaves her mark.

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  • NewsFeed: The Drama Lives Online: ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life To Live’ Will Air on the Web.

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I’m wearing a hat. That means it’s time for business! And also, beware my amazing sense of fashion! 



I’ve pulled my own cats from tree’s numerous times, guess that give me at least two punches… 

I’ve only managed 2 of these. I guess I have some work to do!

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So, I’m always hearing people talk about their relationships. They break up with someone, then they’re with someone else in a week or 2. They know how to express how they feel for someone (no matter how fake it might be) and start a relationship. I think I’ve already passed the point where I should have already picked up this little nugget of knowledge.

I’ve never been in a relationship, and I really doubt I’m going to find someone else on the same boat to be awkward with. Unless I just get an amazing bit of luck and find someone who’ll sort of see this and make the first move, I may end up being lonely forever.

Everyday I get confused as hell when I see some prick with a really nice girl. He’ll treat her like shit, but she seems to be…attracted to it? What makes me mad/confused is that I know that I could make that same girl the happiest person on the planet without treating her like shit.

Maybe I should treat girls like shit, then after things get serious bust out with “Surprise! I’m actually a really nice guy!” But I’m sure she’ll make a 360 and come back with “you’re too nice” or some bs like that.

And…I’m tired of talking about serious shit. Time to lurk around the web, and reblog things that make me lol…


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This is the man you want when the zombie uprising happens.

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